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November 30, 2012
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    You sat there, staring at the chalkboard while your math teacher, Mr.Bondevik, explained the written topic. Sighing deeply you took your reference notes and yanked your gaze upwards from your paper. Your (e/c) eyes shifting towards your teacher, perking up from your 'boredom' when he stole a blunt look at you. After class you gathered your things and headed to your 5th period, which really was just lunch and study. Right before you bolted out the door Mr.Bondevik stopped you in your tracks. "______, I need to have a word with you", he stated as you whirled around. "Yeah? What is it Mr.Bondevik?" You cocked an eyebrow at him. "You haven't been doing your work lately...and please, call me Lukas." he breathed. "....about that uh...I guess I've just been lazy. I-I'm sorry about it uh, Lukas." How awkward it was to call your math teacher by his real name. You guessed it was nothing but a but of fear lurked in you as you knew well enough there would be conciseness for your irresponsible actions. "I'll have to keep you during study. Now go head to lunch and I'll be waiting here. " Lukas voiced, giving a single nod as a signal for you to go.

    After lunch you stopped at your locker and grabbed a few things before heading back upstairs to room 307. Stopping at the door you peered inside the glass to see Lukas's office chair turned away from your direction. He seemed to be a bit busy. Brushing a few (h/c) locks away form your face you knocked on the door, the office chair spinning around. Getting out of his seat Lukas opened the door and greeted you with his typical, emotionless sapphire gaze. "You came, good. Now I'd like you to take a seat and get started on your late assignments." he ordered in which you reluctantly took a seat at a desk. A few minutes in of doing your homework Lukas asked, "_______, are you...having any frustration?" You looked up and shook your head, course not. You were pretty good at math though, it wasn't exactly your favorite subject. Art with that sweet Italian teacher of yours was more your thing. Not math with the slightly creepy Norwegian. Lukas rounded over to you, crouching to get at eye level, "You appear troubled, anything seem difficult?" Shaking your head again you murmured, "No, not really." Standing back up Lukas brushed invisible dust off his slacks and kept an eye on you. Watching intently as you spaced off and doodled on your paper. "Seems you have a thing for art, ja?" Breaking free from your doodling you looked up, "Um, yeah..." Taking a deep breath Lukas set his hand on your desk, "You're supposed to be working on your assignments, not turning this into art. I suppose I'll have to teach you something else then..." There was something in his voice that made a shiver run down your spine, something that made you squirm in your seat. Bending and leaning towards you Lukas gave a small, yet surprising smirk. His eyes were still dull, but shone with lust...

    Lukas pressed his lips against yours in a demanding kiss, grazing his slick tongue across your lower lip. Slipping his tongue in forcefully you groaned, fighting with him to keep your dominance. In which you utterly failed, now allowing him to invade your moist, hot cavern. In a heated battle Lukas then broke away, a thin thread of your mixed saliva connecting your mouths. "Nngh..." you groaned softly, eyes half lidded and looking directly into Lukas's.

     Taking complete control over things Lukas walked you over to the wall and pinned you against it. Grinding gently on your ass as he sucked and nibbled your neck, prying a few soft moans from your mouth. He pulled your (f/c) shirt over your head and began to unhook your bra, receiving him a few whimpers. Taking that off he turned you around so he could get an eyeful of your slightly small breasts. Kneading them gently he nibbled on your collarbone, grinding his hardening erection against your clothed womanhood. Backing up a little he watched you as he unbuttoned his shirt, slipping it off and revealing his toned chest.  Quickly he began to work at your pants, unzipping and pulling them down. His eyes widening slightly at how wet you were already getting.

    Nibbling your little nub through your (f/c) panties he excited a few, more vocal moans of pleasure from you. Squirming a little as he crept upward, slipping his hand into your panties as he kissed his way up to you lips again. Giving your clit a little twirk you squealed softly. Lukas pressed a finger against your moist folds, slipping one into your tight core. You gasped at the feeling and whimpered, a moan erupting as he began to pump his digit in and out of you. Soon enough he had three fingers in you, all pumping at a fast rate. He pulled his fingers out of you, greedily licking your juices off them as he almost chuckled when you whimpered.

    You allowed your hands to trail down to the tent forming in his pants, it grew ever painful for him as it became larger. You unzipped his slacks and gave his member some room before freeing it from his boxers. Lukas groaned with pleasure as you felt and touched his large length. Stroking gently you brought forth a few moans from the Norwegian. Your hand began to pump his member now, getting a good feel of his erection. "...__-_____..." Lukas moaned softly.

    Becoming a bit anxious, he back away and removed his slacks and boxers. Guiding you over to his desk he practically pushed everything off of it. Hoisting you up onto his desk you layed back as he began to position himself at your virgin entrance. You shivered with fear and anticipation, not only were you loosing your virginity, you were doing it with your attractive math teacher. He leaned in and kissed you before prodding at your entrance with the tip of his member. "You ready?" Lukas asked, wanting to make sure you were prepared for the pain and pleasure to come. Nodding you wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck.

    Pain struck you hard and a screech escaped your mouth, only to be muffled by Lukas's lips crashing into yours. Pulling away he remained idle as you both waited for the pain in your core to subside. "M-Move..." you whimpered and Lukas gladly obliged. Starting at a slow pace, he thrusted in and out of your womanhood. Pulling almost all the way out before slamming back into you. "A-ah~" you moaned as your legs tightened around his waist a little. His pace began to pick up and he began to thrust faster, as well as harder. "Nnngh, ______~" Lukas moaned as he pounded into your core, searching for that spot that would make you scream and cry his name out.

    "L-Lukas, mmmph, f-faster- ah~" you moaned while you took in all that dirty pleasure Lukas was giving to you. Lukas suddenly slammed quite hard into you. Throwing your head back as he hit that special spot, "A-AH~" Sliding his shaft in and out he felt himself coming close to his climax. Soon you too began to feel a coil winding inside you, ready to break any moment. "I- I-I'm close to- Ah~ Lukas I'm gonna- LUKAS~!" You cried out as pleasure overtook your body. Rushing though you in overwhelming waves. As your walls clenched his member he thrusted a few more times before reaching his high, "__-______~!" His hot seed shooting into your heat, staying tucked deep inside your cervix. Panting, you slowly came down from your intense orgasm, staring deeply into Lukas's gaze. Pulling out of you he collapsed onto the nearby office chair.

     Hoisting you off of the desk he set you in his lap so you faced him. He kissed you gently and passionately before pulling away, only to whisper in your ear, "Jeg elsker deg _____~" Smiling softly you buried you face in the crook of his neck, "I- I guess I love you too, Lukas." Glancing at the clock you realized you had about 7 minutes until the bell rung for 6th period. Not only did you loose your virginity, you lost it to your math teacher... Lukas... Mr.Bondevik. Maybe you were starting to fall for him, surely you were. You cuddled for a while, Lukas's arms wrapped around your waist. Getting dressed you looked back at him and he was doing the same. Waving at him you gathered your things and headed out the door. Hoping that maybe another day, you'd have another 'lesson' from him.

100TH DEVIATION BABY~! :iconpartyhardfranceplz:
My first lemon yay~! I hope you like it~ Sorry if it sucks, hehe.

I don't own Norway, you or Hetalia.
:iconsparklenorwayplz: :iconnorwayblushplz: You have fun with your Norwegian math teacher? Please comment below~ :iconmeowfaceplz:
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